Tomato 'Emerald Apple'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip lock 12 - 15 SEEDS

1. Original Name: Emerald Apple.

2. History: A rare heirloom variety originating from Russia or Ukraine (different sources provide different information about the country of origin for this variety). First introduced in Seed Savers 2008 Yearbook by Bill Minkey and Neil Lockhart who received the seeds of this tomato in 2006 from Norwood Meiners (Mandeville, Louisiana, USA).

3. Plant Specifications: This green tomato with its unique taste is one of a kind among other tomatoes. A couple of these tomatoes will be enough for a salad for an entire family! Medium early or mid-season. Indeterminate bush, growing up to 6 feet (180 cm) tall. Perfect for growing both outdoors and in a greenhouse.

4. Training Instructions: Staking and pruning are a must. The bush can be trained to two main stems.

5. Shape and Weight
: The first two clusters produce 3-5 large fruits weighing 14.1-17.6 oz. (400-500 g). The same clusters can produce other fruits as well but they will be smaller weighing 3.5-7 oz. (100-200 g). The clusters in the middle and in the upper part of the bush produce fruits weighing 3.5-7 oz. (100-200 g) as well.

6. Color: The color is very attractive and exciting for those who grow Emerald Apple tomatoes for the first time. The fruits are emerald-green with a tint of lemon yellow or bronze.

7. Flavor Profile: The taste is excellent, unique and even exquisite as some may say. Sweet with a fruity flavor. The flesh is firm but soft and juicy enough. Tomato lovers often think the taste of this tomato to be similar to that of the fully ripe kiwi fruit!

8. Culinary Use: These tomatoes are very delicious in fresh salads, side dishes and snacks. Perfect for full-flavored sauces and ketchup or green tomato juices. Your guests will surely be surprised to see a green juice! But they will be excited after they taste it. The smaller fruits from the upper clusters will be perfect for canning whole tomatoes. You can have a mix of tomatoes of different colors being red, yellow, white or red and black.


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