Hello, dear friends!

Our names are Nickolas and Julia Nekhaievy. We live in the small town of Volchansk,  Kharkov Region. OURE FACEBOOK PAGE.

Ukraine. We are collecting varieties of tomatoes and peppers since 2015. Also, we have been working in gardens since our childhood. It is even quite exciting for us to be covered in dirt.

What kind of seeds are you buying?

Please read the product description before you buy it! We write them by ourselves and all the photos on the website  are ours.
You can agree that  you more likely to buy seeds with interesting historical information.

Our site Ekzotomat.in.ua is a mini encyclopedia of all different strains we grew. We are trying to find something original for our each strain: who it created, when, what it's parent strain etc.

We are familiar with many authors of this varieties and we are so glad that they have provided us such an important information.
There are some relic varieties that have been cultivated for decades. We try to find information as much as possible about each of them. Let's someone may say: "Is it so important?" However, for you and for us is important, because you will get high-quality seeds, but not a field blend.

Where do we get our seeds?

People have been asking - is it Dutch seeds or F1? In what city I can visit your shop?

Tomatoes & peppers varieties have  been purchased or exchanged from different collectors from other countries. One pocket is enough to plant by yourself. Some unique seeds we have received from Canada, Italy, Russia, France, Denmark, India, Germany, Norway.

You will get seeds grown by us, relevant to the description. Which means, we grown tomatoes, take photos, collect, wash, dry, pack seeds, form the orders and send them.

Our seeds are not hybrids, they are varieties! When the fruits are grown you can collect seeds from them. Which means, it is not F1 and especially not GMO!

Principals only. We are only confident about our seeds and won't sell others. We have got internet shop Ekzotomat.in.ua only. We're working at home. We don't have any shops that we could to visit.

How you will get your seeds?
We pack our seed in transparent bags, zip-lock. Unlike a paper bags they have clasp. You can always close them & they do not let a moisture. Description is included without pictures. We have no factory production,  we work at home.
The quantity of tomatoes seeds is 12-15 pieces in bag, pepper seeds - 10-12 pieces in bag.

How to buy the seeds?

Orders are accepted using the website only. Orders by phone or through social networks we do not accept. Telephone calls take very long time, there may be errors.

To begin with, you click on the name of the product that you like. You are moved to the page where you can read the description.

If you like the product, click "to cart".

Look closely at the number of packets that you have chosen.
When you are collecting minimum value, you can see option "place your order".

We send international orders after prepayment to PAYPAL or Sberbank card (for Russia), by registered registered letter with a track number. Be sure to include your Email address when ordering, to contact you.