Ekzotomat store. Seeds of tomatoes and peppers from the private collection of the Nekhaev family.

Hello, dear friends!
We are Julia Nekhaeva and Nicholas Nekhaev living in the town of Vovchans’k (Kharkiv region, Ukraine). Here is a link to our Facebook page: FACEBOOK PAGE

We have been collecting tomato and pepper varieties since 2015 but we both got used to gardening and growing different vegetables in our home gardens when we were small kids.

What varieties do we sell to you?
Our Ekzotomat website is a real mini-encyclopedia of varieties we grow. We do our best to learn about the origin of every variety and to find out more about its history (who developed it, in what year, what parent varieties were used, etc.). We are well acquainted with a lot of tomato breeders and are happy to see them providing information about the tomatoes they bred. There are also heirloom varieties, which have been grown for decades, and we try to find at least some information about them.

Please carefully read the description of a variety before purchasing its seeds. We are the authors of all texts and photos in our websites. People tend to prefer varieties with a lot of interesting information about their origin.
Someone may say that this is not so important but it is really important both for you and for us. We provide you with the seeds of varieties being not a result of some accidental cross.

Where do we get our seeds from?
We buy the seeds of new varieties or exchange them with different tomato breeders from other countries – ONE BAG PER VARIETY, as this quantity of seeds is enough to grow a plant. We have received seeds of interesting varieties from Canada, Italy, France, Denmark, Germany, Norway, India and Russia.

You will receive the seeds grown by us. They are fresh seeds fully complying with the original characteristics. All stages of seed production take place in our farm. This means that we grow all tomatoes and peppers on our own, take photos of them, prepare the seeds using fermentation and drying processes, pack them in ziplock bags, prepare your orders and ship them.
You will contact us directly. When you place your order, it will be processed either by Julia or Nicholas. We have a family business with no employees. Our seeds are seeds of varieties (no hybrids, no F1 and no GMO) so you can be sure you will later get your own seeds from your own plants.

In what package and quantity will you receive the seeds?
We pack our seeds in transparent ziplock bags. Unlike paper bags, ziplock bags are waterproof and easy to close. Our ziplock bags also contain a brief description but without any photos because we print everything using our usual home printer.
Quantity of seeds per bag: 12-15 tomato seeds or 10-12 pepper seeds.

How can you buy our seeds?
International orders are subject to full prepayment to our PayPal account including shipping charges. Please specify your email when making your order because we will inform you about all payment details and will communicate with you by email. We ship our seeds via registered mail with a tracking number.
To make your order, you need to click the names or photos of the vegetables you like to get to the page with the description of this variety. If you like it, you can click the Add to Cart button. Please check the quantity of bags in your cart. When you have reached the minimum quantity required to make an order, the Checkout button will become active.
We respect your choice, your rights and your wishes, and we hope for mutual understanding.
We also hope you will be happy with Ekzotomat and your choice! Yours ever, Julia Nekhaeva and Nicholas Nekhaev