Tomato 'Blue Keyes'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip lock 12 - 15 SEEDS

1. Original title: Blue Keyes. (Blue Keys). Other sources called the Blue key or Blue key. But the translation is wrong! Because the keys translates to Keys. And the word in the title Queue is the surname.

2. Story: the author of varieties breeder Dean Slater (USA). There is also a related variant of Black Keyes. What's the difference? Blue Keyes – on top of the red and the Black Keyes on top of brown. Also created by Dean Slater of Orange, White and Keyes Keyes. The beginning of the line Keyes gave the following parent classes: 'Sweet Bewerley' and 'Black Plum', also participated grade the Reverend Michael Keyes. Blane Horton, who received seeds from Dean saw the new branch and called the Reverend Michael Keyes. Michael Keyes (Michael Keyes) is a friend, in whose honor was named these varieties. And not the author of these varieties, as indicated in some sources.

3. Characteristics of plant: tomato Blue Keyes mid-season ripening. The bushes indeterminate, high, up to 2 metres and above. The stem is thick, the sheet is simple. Floral brush simple, oblong in shape, sparse, tied 6-8 fruits.

4. How to build: tomato blue keys can be done in 3-4 stems with side-shoot removing and garter.

5. The shape and weight of a fruit: tomatoes – small 'pear', with a thin neck and a more rounded top. Weight 30-50 grams.

6. The color of tomato: the main color is dark red, on top of which is poured a touch of dark blue anthocyanin, passing into olive touches to the top of the fruit. The more sun, the darker they will be.

7. Palatability: Blue tomato Keyes is very sweet. The tomato flavor with fruity notes. The walls are not thin, but inside is a juicy pulp.

8. Use: good for fresh salad, cernopolni conservation. Suitable for drying, if first with a spoon remove the seeds.

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