Pepper 'Criolla de Cocina'

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1. Original Name: Criolla de Cocina.

2. History: An extremely rare heirloom variety from Nicaragua (a country in Central America located between the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea). It became more popular in 1988. People in Nicaragua name it 'chiltoma', which means 'sweet pepper'. It is used for making a sauce known as salsa criolla campesina, which is served with fried fish or chicken.

3. Plant Specifications: Mid-season. Suitable for growing in a greenhouse and outdoors. Medium-size plant, growing 1.3-1.6 feet (40-50 cm) tall.

4. Training Instructions: No staking is required as the fruits are not heavy and will not break the stems.

5. Shape and Weight: The shape of the fruits is unique and even scary! The fruits resemble those of an extremely hot Habanero as they are heavily wrinkled. Weight: 2.8 oz. (80 g).

6. Color:
Bright red fruits looking like flames or lanterns.

7. Flavor Profile: Sweet. The walls are thin but juicy and crisp. A very pleasant pepper flavor.

8. Culinary Use: A good choice for fresh salads. Of course, it is also good for canning and freezing. But it is best for making paprika (as the flesh can dry very soon) or for making a Nicaraguan-style sauce to be served with fish or chicken. We do not know the detailed recipe but here are the components: thinly sliced onions, Criolla de Cocina, tomatoes, salt, sugar and vinegar. You need to grind all the components and stew them in a frying pan.

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