Pepper 'Comstock Purple'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip-lock 12-15 SEEDS

1. Original Name: Comstock Purple.

2. History: Capsicum Annuum (a chili pepper). Developed by Matthew Arthur, a chili pepper guru and chili head from the United States.  Scoville scale: 30,000-50,000 SHU.

3. Plant Specifications: Mid-season. It can produce fruits for a long time. Suitable for growing in a greenhouse and outdoors. Medium-size plant, growing 2-2.6 feet (60-80 cm) tall.

4. Training Instructions: No staking or pruning is required.

5. Shape and Weight: Tapered and slightly rugose fruits with pointed tips. Weight: 0.3-0.4 oz. (10-12 g). Just like many other chili pepper varieties, its fruits grow upright.

6. Color: The fruits are pale green with a blue anthocyanin coating (especially on the side exposed to the sun) at the mature-green stage. They turn flame-red with blue streaks when fully ripe. The fruits resemble live coals as they are just as bright and beautiful.

7. Flavor Profile: Hot and slightly sweet with a pepper flavor. The walls are thin with few seeds.

8. Culinary Use: A good choice for eating fresh, making unique sauces or drying.

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