Tomato 'Stump of the world'

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Heirloom. For fans of large, pink tomatoes!

1. Original title: Stump of the World. Also can be called Stump of the world.

2. History: Presented by Ben Quisenberry , Ohio. The grandson of Ben Quisenberry said that the original sort of 'Stump the world' originally had a regular leaf type, and it was renamed them to big Ben.
Another version is that this variety was named Ben, Quisenberry with one verse from the Bible. Ben was a very religious man.

In 1982, Ben gave an interview in which he said that a person when he is with nature, he is close to God. God is nature and nature is God.

He was a small business 'Big Tomato Gardens'. His passion was to preserve the old varieties of tomatoes. Thanks to him, preserved varieties such as Brandywine, Long Tom, Golden Sunray, Czech Bush, Mortage Lifter. Died in 1986 at 99 years old. Grade Stump of the world came to SSE in the late 70-ies.

3. Characteristic plants: tomato Stump of the world the mid. Grows well in greenhouse and in open field. Bush indeterminate, medium height, up to 150-170 cm thick Stalks, potato leaf type, wide. Floral brush simple brush 4-5 fruits.

4. How to shape: to Bush preferably 2-3 stems. Necessarily need to be tied up and pasynkovat.

5. The shape and weight of the fruit: shape flat-round fruit, salad type. Near the petiole on large fruits may be small ribs. Fruit weight is 300-400 grams.

6. The color of the tomato: the color of the fruit bright pink, without yellow spots near the stalk.

7. Palatability: the taste of the fruit varieties of Stump of the world is very good-sweet with a harmonious, slight acidity. The aroma is bright, tomato. The structure of the flesh is buttery, juicy, fleshy.

8. Usage: the best tomatoes for fresh salads, side dish, tomato juice. The fruits after harvesting are not stored for a long time, 3-5 days. Cracks in the skin were not. But in the period of maturation watering is not recommended.

Grade Stump of the world stable, old, considered a relic.

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