Tomato 'Sgt. Peppers'

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This sort of dream lovers heart-shaped tomatoes.

1. Original name: Sgt. Peppers. The same may be referred to the Sgt. Pepper's or Sergeant pepper.

2. History grades: Created this sort of breeder Jason Haines (Jason Haynes, Tidewater, Virginia). His page is in the Facebook - Seaside Seeds. And shop Seaside Seeds
In 2010, he was in the F 1 generation. The parent varieties were OSU Blue and German Red Strawberry (German red Zemanta).

3. Characteristics of plant: ripening period is middle. Grows well in otkrytom the ground, but most of the harvest will give in the greenhouse.
Bush indeterminate, tall, 180-200 cm Stem thin, lianovidny. Leaf simple, drooping, narrow. Floral brush simple and rarely a double. In the brush of 5-6 fruits.

4. How to form: to shape the grade of Sgt. Desirable Pepper 1-2 stalks. Remove side shoots and garter mandatory.

5. Shape and fruit weight: fruit shape of tomato Sergeant pepper very beautiful-heart-shaped. Near the petiole is broad and tapering to the top. Fruit weight of 100-300 grams.

6. The color of the tomato: the color is spectacular - blue anthocyanins under the influence of the sun becomes almost black and soft becomes dark pink. In the context of pink.

7. Palatability: the taste is very good, sweet with light complementing sourness. The aroma is bright, tomato with exotic flavor. The structure of the buttery. Fruits uniformly fleshy and juicy.

8. Use: better to use a fresh - flavored, juicy salads, meats, snacks. But also perfect for juices and pastes. Stored fruit a few days after harvest. Cracks in the skin were not.

The author stated that the grade Sgt. The Pepper stable. The most beautiful and vivid fruits will grow in full sun, more will be evidenced by anthocyanin.

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