Tomato 'San Morzano'

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Italian heirloom, which provided many canneries quality fruit.

1. Original name: San Marzano. Other sources are called San Marzano.

2. History: it is known that the first seeds of this variety were transferred as a gift from Peru to Naples in 1770. Grown in the Italian town of San Marzano sul Sarno (near Naples) and in the volcanic soils near mount Vesuvius. In Italy, the San Marzano tomato is most often used for making Vera Pizza Napoletana.

3. Characteristics of plant: ripening period is middle. For greenhouses and open soil. High Bush, indeterminate, 2 meters. The trunk is thick, the sheet is simple. Floral brush simple, down to 6-8 fruits.

4. How to shape: variety San Marzano is possible to form 2-3 stems. Need pasynkovat and tie.

5. The shape and weight of the fruit: form symol, long, often faceted. Fruit weight of 70-150 grams.

6. Tomatoes color: bright red, in the context of the same.

7. Taste qualities: sweet, slight acidity may be shown, if not enough heat and lighting. The tomato aroma, full-bodied. Structure of pulp of sugar, the walls thick, dense, seeds not a lot.

8. Usage: universal canning variety. For salad, sauce, pasta. Ideal for selenoprotein conservation. As well as for drying and freezing.

The variety San Marzano harvest, stable. Beautiful, smooth fruit. Perfect for pizza and omelettes.

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