Tomato 'Royal branch'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip lock 12 - 15 SEEDS

1. Original Name: Царская ветка, or Tsarskaya Vetka (Royal Branch).

2. History: A recent variety originating from Russia. Developed by tomato breeders from Aelita, a Russian farming company, and entered on the State Register of the Russian Federation in 2011.

3. Plant Specifications: It is a real pleasure to watch this tomato grow! Mid-season but it can mature earlier if the weather is good and warm, so it can be considered an early-season variety. Perfect for growing outdoors or in a garden covered with agrotextile. It produces fruits before late blight hits it and before a frost. Determinate bush, growing 2.6 feet (80 cm) tall. The bush usually has a lot of heavy clusters full of fruit. This variety is a heavy cropper.

4. Training Instructions: It is recommended to tie all the stems to the horizontal support if you want to see real royal branches. This variety is worth it. If this is not possible, you can also tie the bush to a tall stick secured in the soil. No pruning is required. You will have about 6-9 stems on each bush.

5. Shape and Weight: Round fruits. Weight: 2.8-3.5 oz. (80-100 g).

6. Color:
Bright yellow and later orange and golden.

7. Flavor Profile: Many people admire this tomato and it is with good reason as Tsarskaya Vetka is a very delicious tomato. Its taste is sweet and refreshing. It also has a bright and intense tomato flavor. The flesh is juicy, and the walls are thick (but not hard).

8. Culinary Use: Tsarskaya Vetka is an all-purpose tomato. Perfect for markets, for your relatives living in a city, for storage. It is also ideal for those who visit their country houses and gardens only once a week. Due to their thick walls, the fruits ripen all together without cracking or getting soft. You can collect the entire harvest for two or three days (four days at most). This variety is a good choice for salads and snacks as well as for canning, paste and juices. Ideal for those who suffer from an allergy caused by red products. Tsarskaya Vetka (Royal Branch) is worth its wonderful name.

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