Tomato 'Queen of the Night'

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Painted, beautiful, like toy.

1. Original title: Koеnigin der Nacht. Also can be called Queen of the Night or Koroleva night.

2. History: This variety appeared in the German Internet magazinah. And shop Deaflora Aromagartenerei (Andrea Helmich) reports that it is their own grade.

3. Characteristics of plant: a maturing varieties of Queen of the Night the mid. Grows well in greenhouse and open field. In the greenhouse grows higher. Bush indeterminate, medium height up to 150 cm in height. The stem is not thick, a sheet of plain, dark green. Flower brush is simple, and it tied at 5-6 fruits.

4. How to form: to form a sort of Queen of the night better in 2 or 3 stems. Pasynkovat and tie required.

5. The shape and weight of the fruit: shape flat-round fruit. Weight of 80-150 grams.

6. The color of tomatoes: colouring exotic. On a red background near the petiole anthocyanin appears black, and the top of the fruit with orange-gold streaks. Tricolor. In the context of dark red.

7. Palatability: the taste is pleasant - sweet with a slight acidity. Aroma spicy, exotic. The structure of the flesh is buttery, meaty.

8. Usage: tomato Queen of the night is good in fresh salads. It is suitable for decoration of dishes and snacks. Can also be used for processing for the winter. Stored for several days after harvest. Cracks in the skin were not.

Grade Koenigin der Nicht stable and performed perfectly! Disease-resistant, prolific and very beautiful.

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