Tomato 'P20+Beauty king'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip lock 12 - 15 SEEDS

A true masterpiece! Very tasty and beautiful.

1. Original title: R-20+Beauty King. (PE 20 plus beauty king)

2. Story: author of the first crossing company Frogsleap (Mark Mccaslin). Company blog First working title and it is clear that the parent varieties were Bleve P-20 (blue tomato) and a Beauty King ( red with yellow stripes). Further, seeds with unstable variants were transferred to other breeders, who continued to stabilize this line. There is information that the seed got to the Delirious gates and he may have given a different name, not working. But it is not yet known.

3. Characteristics of plant: ripening Period is middle. Grows well in greenhouse and in open field. The Bush is tall, indeterminate, up to 2 meters. The trunk is powerful, easy sheet, brush easy and intermediate (double).

4. How to shape: Shape can be in 1 or 2 barrel, maximum 3. Remove side shoots and garter mandatory. Also, you may need to first tie up heavy brush.

5. Fruit shape: flat-round. Weight of 150-300 grams.

6. The color of the tomato: the Color is amazing! These bright fruits in the garden just can't let you by. In technical ripeness near the stem is blue with a green top. When fully ripe the color blue under the influence of the sun becomes almost black, ostalas part of the fruit is yellow-orange. In the context of yellow with a small red core.

7. Palatability: the Taste is very sweet! Aroma fruity, exotic. The structure of the flesh is buttery, tender, juicy, melt in the mouth.

8. Usage: For fresh salads, snacks and side dish. This variety produces delicious juices. Stored fruit, like all lettuce, several days after harvest. Cracks in the skin were not.

Grade do not end up stable. In very rare cases, the fruit may change color. It is also highly dependent on weather conditions, if day and night temperature changes very sharp. In most cases, all the bushes are growing steadily.

For example, from 10 bushes can grow a Bush whose fruits can be a different color. And it's not a loss. It is a gift of nature. We have one Bush has grown quite different. The fruit was 250 grams, bright red with light black strokes near the petiole. The taste is just striking-the one that you want to save! We have collected the seeds and will stabilize this line for several years, until it becomes stable.

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