Tomato 'Mortgage Lifter'

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As one mechanic has created a retro-grade tomato.

1. Original title: Mortgage Lifter. Also may be called Mortgage, Mortage lifter, Radiator Charlie.

2. History: was in SSE in 1985. West Virginia. In the early 1930-ies the mechanic Mr. Bales developed this strain by crossing many of the major varieties. At that time he opened a small workshop at the foot of the hill on which often overheated trucks. Thus, it could help drivers. It is affectionately called Radiator Charlie.

Even though he had no education in plant breeding, but he got seeds large tomatoes of different varieties and made cross-pollination by hand. After 6 years of selection and stabilization Mr. Bayles stopped at one beautiful choice is a large, pink and sweet tomato. He named it Mortgage Lifter. This means lifting the mortgage. And all because through the sale of seedlings of this variety he was able to pay the mortgage in 6000 dollars for your house. One plant he sold for $ 1. At that time it was expensive. But other farmers come for seedlings from afar, because I knew that this variety will be able to raise their economy.

3. Characteristics of plant: days to maturity mid-season or mid-season. For greenhouses and EXHAUST. Bush indeterminate, tall, 180-200 cm, the Trunk is thick, the sheet is simple. Floral brush simple, down to 3-5 fruits.

4. How to shape: can be conducted in 1-2 stalk. Pasynkovat and tie required.

5. The shape and weight of the fetus: in the form of a flat-round, salad-type, sometimes with a shallow and a rare rib near the stalk. The weight of 300-500 grams. Big.

6. The color of tomatoes: raspberry pink, by pink.

7. Taste qualities: very sweet, very fragrant. The taste worthy of attention. Structure of pulp of sugar on a fault, tender, but the juice and seeds a little.

8. Usage: great, flavorful salads and side dishes. Juices for the winter.

The Mortgage Lifter variety is stable, productive, sustainable, long fruiting. Now divorced about 17 varieties and variations of this variety, for example, Mortgage Lifter Red Mortgage Lifter Bi-color, Yellow...But, unfortunately, many collectors forget to indicate that it is not the original, but a variation of the original. Perhaps the so-called new varieties, which are one of the 'parents' was the original Mortgage Lifter. Many sources indicate that this variety should be rotoworld.

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