Tomato 'Lovely Lush'

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Lush, gorgeous, Grand, Royal.

1. Original title: Lovely Lush. Also can be called Loveli lush or lush.

2. History: created this sort of brad gates ( Brad Gates, Wild Boar Farms, California, USA). Released in 2016. A sort of young and rare.

3. Characteristics of plant: a maturing varieties have Lovely Lush middle. Grows well in greenhouse and open field. Bush indeterminate, tall, 170-200 cm Stem thick, leaf simple. Brush is simple and rarely a double. In the brush of 5-6 fruits.

4. How to form: to form a sort of 'lush' preferably 1-2 or 3 stems. Pasynkovat and tie required.

5. Shape and fruit weight: fruit shape is flat-round, slightly flattened. Weight 150-200 grams.

6. The color of tomatoes: the colour of the fruit Lovely and Lush as a precious stone, which are intertwined in different colors. In technical ripeness near the stem anthocyanin becomes blue in pink background with green stripes. With the maturation of the fruit turns blue-crimson, for which the green strip matured to the Golden touches.

7. Palatability: the taste is wonderful. Very sweet with a light, pleasant acidity. The aroma of tomato fruit. The structure of the flesh is more oily. Juicy!

8. Usage: to use the tomato 'lush' for fresh salads. But are also suitable for preservation of whole fruits. Fruits stored for long after harvest, primernr 4-5 days. But they may long to hang on Bush in the brush. The skin is thin, but not crack it.

Sort of Lovely Lush young and maybe not quite stable. We had a fabulous fruit with bright, correct colors. In the future, most will be the same except for isolated cases. May be not enough sunlight or sudden changes in daytime and nighttime temperatures, which can affect the color and weight of the fruit, but only slightly. Variety is accepted into the collection.

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