Tomato «Н-34 gelb»

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip lock 12 - 15 SEEDS

This beautiful combination of blue anthocyanin, yellow color and a small 'nipple' will not leave you indifferent!

1. Original Name: H34 Gelb as the working name for this line.

2. History: Bred by Keith Mueller. There are also other color varieties such as blue with pink and blue with red.

3. Plant Specifications: Mid-season. A good choice for outdoors or a greenhouse. Resistant to the major common diseases. Indeterminate, medium height, growing 5-6 feet (150-180 cm) tall. Regular leaf and regular truss (double truss in rare cases). 6-8 fruits per truss.

4. Training Instructions: It is preferable to train H34 Gelb to two main stems. Pruning and staking are a must. Suckers are slow growers, thus they are easy to care for.

5. Shape and Weight: Rare shape: round with sharp pointed ends (small 'nipples'). Weight: 2.8-3.5 oz. (80-100 g).

6. Color: Bi-color. Anthocyanin blue present at the stem end turns into yellow at the pointed end. Yellow in a cut.

7. Flavor Profile: Very tasty, sweet and slightly acidic, a very pleasant aroma with a fruity flavor. Glossy flesh, juicy fruits.

8. Culinary Use: Great for eating fresh. Excellent for canning as well. Do not keep well after harvesting (for a few days only). The fruits are juicy but there are no cracks on the skin.

H34 Gelb is a line rather than a variety. The variety was of three different colors initially – pink, yellow and red. These colors are grown separately and their original specifications are maintained except for rare cases. Thus, it is incorrect to define it as unstable. There are separate lines for different colors now.

The only deviation can be a change in the 'nipple.' In very rare cases, it is not very pointed. This may be explained by sudden changes in temperature. Another possible type of leaves is potato leaf. Our tomatoes have regular leaves. The shape and color of our fruits fully comply with the original specifications.

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