Tomato 'Dancing With Smurfs'

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1. Original title: Dancing with smurfs. Which means dancing with the Smurfs.

2. History:
established breeder Tom Wagner (Washington, USA). Released in 2012 and is offered on a commercial basis, New World Seeds & Tubers. Named in honor of the animated series about gnomes - Smurfs.

Smurfs - a humanoid creature who invented and drew Pierre Culliford (alias, Peyo). For the first time the Smurfs were presented in the comics magazine Le Journal de Spirou' in 1958. Cartoon began acting in the 1980-ies.

An interesting story of how Peyo invented the Smurfs. When he went into the woods, unfortunately, his car broke down. He half an hour waiting for that somebody will appear and help him. But then decided to take a walk in the woods. When Peio saw large mushrooms, he came up with the idea that the gnomes live in mushrooms. And when he decided to paint them, I accidentally messed up the paint. And instead of the brown dwarf painted blue.

3. Characteristics of plant:
a maturing varieties of Dancing smurfette mid-season, but longer fruiting. Grows well in greenhouse and open field. Bush indeterminate, tall, and 180 cm Stem srednenko, potato leaf type, dark green with a bluish tinge. Brush is simple and rarely intermediate. In the brush of 6-8 fruits.

4. How to build: you can lead a 2-4 stem.Remove side shoots and garter mandatory.

5. Shape and fruit weight: fruit shape is rounded, weight 15-20 grams.

6. The color of the tomato: the color varieties of Dances with Smurfs is the same amazing, like all anthocyanin varieties-'Indigo'. Near the petiole in technical ripeness dark blue, and when fully ripe are almost black with a small red spot on the top of the fruit, where does not get sunlight. In the context of red fruits.

7. Palatability:
the taste is sweet. If tomatoes don't have enough sun or food, then there is a light acidity. The aroma of tomato with the fruity, exotic notes, sweet, refreshing. The structure of the flesh is buttery, juicy, moderately fleshy.

8. Usage: to be used primarily for fresh consumption, salads, garnishes, side dishes and snacks. Also suitable for winter overtime. Store the fruit long after harvest when fully ripe, 3-4 days. The skin is thin, but the Bush is not cracked.

Grade Dancing with smurfs was released in 2012, presumably as stable. In only a few cases detected a lack of anthocyanin. Our plants showed stable characteristics with beautiful, bright fruit. It is also worth to remember that the substance atmocean appears more active under sufficient sunlight.

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