Why not germinate tomato seeds and peppers.

Hello, dear friends! In this article we will talk about the bad germination of the seeds of tomatoes, peppers (and eggplant). If you do not germinate or germinate seeds bad, you will here find the reasons. Let's order. Go.

1. Sometimes you may think that seeds are just poor quality.Substandard seeds is when they are collected from very overripe (rot) of the fruit. Germination is lost or the seeds can begin the process of germination is already in the fruit. Or when they are fermented for a very long time. They can also begin to grow or suffocate in the 'tomato juice'. Also lose germination when seeds were stored over the years, that is, the shelf life has expired.

Immediately give the answer why so early we stop taking orders in February, when many farmers started the season seed purchases. Because we grow a little bushes of varieties and seeds is enough for one season. Each year, updated seeds, grow them again. In the end, the seeds are fresh and quickly come to an end.

According to the rules, it is desirable to collect seeds from healthy, ready to eat tomatoes, not perespevshey. So, on the day of harvest we get them photographed and on the same day trying to clean out the seeds.

To sbravati tomato seeds need no more than two days at room temperature. That is, leave the capacity with the 'mash' in the street is not desirable when a very hot day, and at night is cool. During flushing complete and already cleaned from the pulp, the seeds fall down, apostie not ripened tomato flesh rise up and merge.

Washed tomato seeds as long as in plastic veterochki will remain at the bottom of full, yellowish seeds with clean, clear water.

Sladkih and spicy peppers seeds out and filled with water. Full-fledged, remain at the bottom. Empty rise up and merge to release.

Eggplants flesh scraped off with a teaspoon into the bowl, shifting with his hands, is filled with water. Full seeds sink to the bottom, empty the seeds and pulp rises to the top and merges on the release.

The quality of seed depends on us. And we do need that the seeds are germinating. As they themselves from their own seeds, from the same bags sow his seedlings.

2. INCORRECTLY SOAKED AND PROTRAVEL.We, for example, the seeds in no soak and not etched. Only the seeds of hot peppers from capsaicin wash(hydrogen peroxide, or). Prietom no terrible diseases transmitted by seed not noticed.

Inogamova to hear:'what did I just not soaked! So many interesting read in Internet. And soaked. In potassium permanganate, and peroxide, and in honey, and aloe juice and a special powder I bought for soaking and dressing, then sown, and the seeds did not germinate'.

Well,what can I say... the Seeds just choked while I was swimming in all etykieta, or if you have exceeded the concentrate or dosage (Schaub have to be), they just 'soaked' in the literal and figurative sense.

So, if you want, soak - if there is already such experience. Follow the doses of the concentrate and the residence time of the seed in water or solution!

3. EARTH. The quality of the land greatly affects the seed germination. The land must be light, air and moisture permeability. No lumps, no pests, not reactive. That is, you can take optograde earth from the garden, throw the seeds and then escape from vilappilsala bugs and complaints about poor germination.

Earth from the garden - the risk. Even steaming does not always help.If you first purchase land, then do a test on the quality of the land. Pre-sow a few seeds (of which there is a surplus of its own, for example). Because even the purchase of the land is poor quality and the seeds in them deteriorate.

We use only torfosmesi universal 'Polesie'. It already has the required composition of trace elements for normal growth, and it has a loose, lightweight structure. We once sowed the seeds of onion seedlings in the ground from the garden,which was even propranol! Not enough 'Polesie'. In the end, the seeds did not germinate. The seeds were fresh. But then noticed on the box small midges.

Dug up the seeds, and there remained only parts of the seeds and around them white worms. As it turned out, it was clarity or mushroom flies. So, be careful. The land is all different. Someone is suitable for seedlings. Someone can be a problem with the ground.

4. HEAT.Germination of tomato seeds need a temperature of about + 24-26 degrees in the soil. For germination of seeds of peppers and eggplants in the ground or on a cotton discs, napkins needs to be a temperature of about 26-28 degrees. This is the optimal temperature at which seeds germinate in 3-7день (tomatoes) and hatch at 5-12 day peppers and eggplant.

Ie, the lower the temperature in the soil, the less the chances of good germination. High temperature also contributes to poor seed germination. Be sure to have a room thermometer! Put it in a place where there are sown the seeds. To control the process for which you are responsible.

5. THE DEPTH OF SOWING. If you sow seeds of tomatoes, peppers and eggplant in the boxes and the cups with the ground, the sowing depth should be no more than 1 cm Better then after sprouting put them between the shoots of the tomatoes in the ground than to wait until the sprouts break through a thick layer of earth. Just there is the risk that the seeds may not germinate if sown deep to pour the soil or retain moisture.

Peppers and eggplant also possible to pour the ground until the sprouts are young, or for example during picking. At that age they can still on the stems to build up additional roots - checked. Most importantly, after the pick, not much to pour, that was not 'black leg'.

And,by the way, the seeds of CHERRY tomatoes do not plant deeply, they have enough depth of 5 mm. Because the finer the seed (and cherry seeds are small), the more superficial they need to sow.

6. HUMIDITY. If you germinated the seeds on the cloth, the napkin, wadded disk, then they should not swim in the water. The water should completely soak into the material. Otherwise, seeds can suffocate.

Lack of moisture can also destroy seeds, for example, if you put them on the battery. During the night the moisture will evaporate, lifting the condensate film and the cloth with the seeds dry up. So, HUMIDITY is always connected with TEMPERATURE.

The seeds may not rise or not rise, if the earth in a box or Cup to pour.

In a hot place the seeds into them, to choke.

In a cool place handled seeds will sour and rot.

But better not to top up than strain. Transfused, rotten seeds can not be saved. There's even the earth appears a musty, swampy smell, and can even develop the green patina (micro-algae).

If the land is dry, but is at room temperature, you can pour warm water, cover with film and leave in a warm place (on the battery). Seedlings will appear. In this case the seeds in the ground just 'slept',and no trials occurred.

7. COLD WATER. If only sown, watered with cool water and immediately put in a warm place, then do not worry. The earth warms up. But if you decide after a while to water the ground or the seedlings with cold water, then the seeds in the ground will freeze in growth, and the seedlings can and do die from fungal diseases, which people called 'black leg'.

Privatnogo only warm water. I check the water with your finger. Dipped and did not feel that the temperature in the room varies with the temperature of the water.That is, the water should be at room temperature.

8. THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT. Obyazatelnoe boxes and cups should wear film. Though plastic wrap, though simple kites. This is necessary in order to maintain the desired moisture in the ground or on the cloth where the seeds hatch. No film in the top layer quickly dries and sprouts will be difficult to penetrate.If they are dry together with the land, even if they already had the beginnings of roots.

The same film will create conditions for a more stable temperature inside the box or Cup. In the foil with a toothpick make a few holes to incoming air. The seeds, when they begins the process of growth, breathe. Without oxygen they simply die of suffocation. So, not much to pour, wrap film without a single oxygen and put in a very hot place. The hotter themachine consumed oxygen.

That is, the film needed to seed and the soil is not dry. But in the film doing a few little 'jabs' with a toothpick, a match that the seeds receive oxygen, fresh air, and to the earth itself did not technolas.

9. CAPACITY, inwhat is seeded pepper. Yeah, this too can be. 'Do everything as always, but seedlings no. It so happens that the farmer decides not to sow VTU capacity in which he always used to grow. And in another, a new. For example, used cups, and now decided to try the tapes or peat cups to grow.

The difference is that the smaller the capacity, the faster the seeds germinate. Because this small container is warmed. Important the temperature in the room posolstvom feelings. But it is important to temperature in the ground, where lies the seed. Believe me, there is a different temperature.

And when you sow seeds in ballieston, for example, they must and properly, accordingly, to warm up.If they are on the windowsill, some of the cups get warm if the day is Sunny. And at night, when in March is still cool on the window sill the temperature is reduced and a large volume of the earth cools. If not rot, then simply drop in temperature can be stressful and seeds even if allowed back, maybe just to stand still, to stop growth.

10. CHANGING THE DIAPER. if seeds like and are in a good, warm place, and with the humidity it's all right, but are hard, swollen and did not hatch roots. You can PEREZALIT.

That's why it is better to proclivity seeds on the cloth. You can see the processes and their viability. Just change cloths, soaked them in boiling water to disinfect. Or change the cotton pads. Often, cloths, drawer can store some type of mold, germs. The same hands open cloths, cotton pads. Open and sniff the air, where the seeds are. If the smell is unpleasant, rotten, rotten, you really need to perezalit seeds. Just be careful with potpisivanjem varieties, to not be lured.

You can wash seeds in fresh water with the addition of succinic acid.

Usually,after such a 'diaper change' seeds ' start to arise. This means that the water in which was soaked the seeds start to deteriorate, the seeds could suffocate and rot from the appearance of germs. And the most basic seeds was not enough oxygen, fresh, pure water.

11. TO DIG AND CHECK.If the seeds were immediately sown in the earth, and did not germinate, then no need to wait! 2 or 3 weeks, for example. High, after 5-7 days we will start the archaeological ( and neat) excavations and find the seed.

To excavate the ground whether with a toothpick or something else thin. The fact is that digging up the soil and finding the seed, you make sure that you seed everything is in order, if they are hard and swollen. So, they do not have heat or moisture.

If you crush the seed and it will get liquid, rotten flesh, then it was gone.

12. DRIED UP THE EARTH AFTER THE OPENING OF THE FILM. Uchenicheskaya the cause of poor germination. If there were some sprouts and the new loops have not who rise plants, do not remove the film, the top layer of soil just a day can dry out. And seetaga loops can not really get out, and the beginnings of the roots to die.

Elipticas remove the film due to other germs, need some spraying water on the top layer of soil from a spray to keep it moist.

There is a good saying. If something did not work - do differently.Change technology method. And then it turns out all the mistakes, all the flaws, from which the seeds did not want to rise. And everything will fall into place.