How to care for your seedlings?

Seedlings appear gradually. About a week all varieties germinate. When it comes to our seeds, and those new varieties that we buy (change) with other collectors.

When they begin to appear the first loops of germination, led lamp we keep on for several days,and even at night. So sprouts are chunky, will not be extended.

Then the lamp include from 8 am to 8 PM.

When did all the seedlings, the temperature at the thermo-relay drops to 16-17 degrees. At night turn off mats at all.

The seedling breaks through, to the distance between the shoots were 3-4 cm.

Plastic wrap, which cover the top of the drawers, remove gradually when some sort of germ rests in her. There is need to carefully monitor the soil moisture. Without film, the moisture quickly evaporates. Pour as drying. Watering can a watering can with a long thin spout.

It happens that the seed coat remains on the first leaves, then it should 2-3 times a day to spray it with water from a spray bottle to khoroshavka. Then she softens and leaves enough power to throw it and stretch out.

The whole care of the seedlings until the pick is watering and tilling the soil. Need to be watered so as to wet the whole earth. But if much pour and excess moisture will not go through the drainage holes, then the seedlings can get sick blackleg. It is better not to top up than strain.

After watering when the top layer of soil dry out even for a millimeter(the next day), you can gently paraglide soil between the rows of seedlings. Do it with a toothpick. You need to literally 'scrape' the top layer of soil to better received the oxygen to the roots. The more you seedling, the more it needs watering.