How to transplant seedlings in open ground?

Seedlings before planting to be forged. That is, periodically make to the street with a good, windless weather. Once open to the sun does not set! To harden the seedlings have 5-7 days.

If you are going to put under agrotextile, sun-tempering is not required. We plant the seedlings into the beds that are covered with agrotextile.

Planting tomato seedlings in the open ground begins when the retreating night frost and warms the earth(grow weeds).

At a temperature of + 10 degrees tomato plants just quit your height, 'freeze'. Then the roots cannot absorb the phosphorus, from which the stalks and leaves of seedlings turn purple. It is not critical, but the time of fruit ripening is delayed.

When planting seedlings in the ground put a box of pots of seedlings. The point is that sometimes even good if varieties mixed in one box. That is, first the garden will grow one 2 Bush 2 Bush 2 the second, and Bush third grade. A few beds grade again. This information will be recorded in the notebook. Why do so?

We noticed that on the North side of tomatoes grow worse. On the other hand can come mole cricket, third party constantly blowing wind. If planted in a conventionally dysfunctional place all the bushes of one species, tomaino to lose grade. For example, in 2017, the two bushes of the variety 'Purple fairy' gave a poor crop because it is planted on the edge of the garden. And inside the beds where the place was more protected, 'Purple fairy' revealed its potential and was just amazed with the abundance of tomatoes! A wonderful grade!

It is undesirable to plant varieties similar to each other. Even if the order of the landings recorded in the notebook. Just when I see 2 Bush pink round tomatoes, but different varieties, starting to get nervous! —not confused whether the seedlings.Therefore, we always put on 2-4-6 Bush of one kind and one color, then 2-4-6 Bush of another kind and of a different color!

For example: 2 Bush Tamarind yellow, 4 Big Bush Zach red, 4 Bush malachite box, 2 Bush Beach cherry. It is very important tsvetovospriatia to follow when planting seed of new varieties. To accurately see, not mingled with any other tomato, is not the appropriate class.

The ground for tomatoes should be loose and fertile. In the fall we perekidyvaem the earth in the beds. We tried not to dig, leaving mulch for the winter. Yes, there were a lot of worms, but the land was still dense. And it was very difficult to plant the seedlings and at the same time razdavlivaniju solid breast of the earth. Not rolled them to the roots of tomatoes...

But we still had one more surprise. Appeared Medvedka in 2017. And rightly so: the earth is not dug up, there are many worms and larvae, the neighbors take off to the compost heap from Pets. Came Medvedka started to 'mow' the seedlings, courted, from 1.5 months in the house!

Polyadenine clumps I was pulling out of the ground. Cut the tip podjednako trunks. Hang on seedling thread with a piece of paper where you signed grade. And put such 'poludohlyh' in a jar of water. Through the roots, and planting was carried again into their rightful places, where these varieties were planted for the first time. The land had to loosen and etched to make the grain of the mole crickets.