How and when to sow seeds?

Sowing time of tomato seeds.

You should define the sowing date depending on your conditions for growing.

If your region constant heat comes in early may, can be planted around March 20-25. If the heat comes in mid-concoures, then sow the seeds in early March.

Often write that the seedlings should be two months. But it's half-meter-high 'trees' that you want to dig a hole in 2 of the bayonet! Honestly, we personally for you (for each region) it is difficult to determine the time of sowing. We live in Kharkiv region and in other regions of cultivation experience, alas, was not.

Preparation of seeds for sowing.

If you have a small number of varieties, the seeds can be brooklynati voulaines rag. On the saucer lay a piece of natural fabric, spray liberally with warm water, put seeds on top, cover the same with a damp piece of cloth.

Be sure to sign saucer, plate grade. Then put the container in semenami package to create a greenhouse effect. Be kept at a temperature of 25-28 degrees Celsius with daily opening and ventilation for 1 minute. As the beginnings of roots 1-3 mm., immediately transplanted into the ground. Overgrown roots when transplanting injury. What to do if you have mnooogo varieties?

We have in 2017 planned 230 varieties for planting. (Sown of each variety-6 seeds by ryadochek in a box) We do not proclivities seeds,not soaked and nothing processed. It is physically impossible to have time to put in the ground all hatched the seeds for 1 day. Otherwise comparerates and then you can be loss. Sowing dry seed in moist soil while maintaining the temperature of 20-23 degrees Celsius germinates in 3-8 days.

The difference of germination depends on the drying of seeds – if the seeds You buy uratnyh collectors, and germination will be stretched in time.

The longer dried seeds, the slower the germination. Just seed lost a lot of moisture inside the shell and sprouting them first you need a good swell.

Tomato seeds before sowing we do not keep warm or cold! That is, not tempered. Some can soak the seeds near the battery or holodilnike... Believe that it is not necessary, and with a large number of varieties is not possible.

Delicate moment of sowing.

The day of sowing depends largely on my mood. Lunar calendars, biodynamics, phases, signs of the Zodiac are nothing compared to hiroshimastrasse and inspiration.

A large number of varieties to simply force the pre-configured, and the body itself understands – that this day would be fruitful, eyes watchful, hands – deft, memory good. So, every year, the day of sowing varies on a few days back and forth.

Ready for planting boxes begin to sow the seeds. They have long standing land added Bokashi (this is optional!). The land is leveled, there should be no large lumps. Hold the grooves in front of the label varieties.

Between grades 3-4 cm Well-watered land with warm water. Below the groove is not washed off, do it from a spray bottle.

Then the seeds are sown in furrows. The depth of the grooves is about 1 cm Between seeds 1 cm After the emergence of weak shoots breaking, ostavljaju row of 5-6 plants(3-4cm between plants).

Gently covered with soil on top and slightly press down with the palm, between the seed and the earth was not void. The box cover pre-cut pieces of cling film and secured with string under the rim, not to evaporate the moisture. From the warm water on the film immediately comes the sweat.

The boxes include the tables where electric mats included using a thermo relay with the set temperature of 22-24 degrees Celsius.