How to create different varieties of tomatoes?

As we build tall large-fruited varieties?

Large-fruited varieties, the giants are trying to form a single trunk. Want to see the full potential of the varieties. When told that the fruit must be up to 1 kg., it is not Pasynkova you such fruits do not get it. All the power will go to the leaves and stems. If not pasynkovat large-fruited variety, it will grow salad fruit weighing 200-500 grams. But 1 kg will not.

You can also remove the colors on the brush to get large fruit. If varieties of a giant flower brushes 5 flower, you can 2 most recent flower to remove. So the first 3 of the flower will produce fruit more weight.

It may be that the plant decides to bring up the first ovary. That is, the first brush will remain 2-3 large fruit, but most of the colors from other brushes will fall down or start up little. This means that the plant fell in stressful conditions and not enough food. What to do? To feed and grow one giant fruit, or feed, to remove the fetus in the technical maturity and wait to see the new flowers and ovaries. It all depends on the desired result.

As we build tall srednepozdnie and cocktail varieties?

Srednepozdnie, (200-300 grams) or cocktail varieties we form in different ways. Srednepozdnie varieties is the fruit that holds on the palm or more. Cocktail – like a tennis ball. They are less varieties of giants, so to grow in a single trunk will not give you full yield.

For example, variety Amethyst gem (150-200 grams) to form a 2 barrel. But the variety 'Violet Jasper' ( 45-50 grams) cocktail, and it can be formed into 3-4 stem. That is, the smaller the fruit, the grade, the greater may be the stems.

As we build tall cherry?

Varieties of tomatoes have excellent potential. They are like weeds, can sweep all the allotted place for them. But usually we are 3-4 first kustu of the stem. Then approximately at the height of 150 cm. longer to remove the suckers. Give the Bush freedom. First brush at height 150 cm we have formed, they are sufficient for the crop. And then the plant itself will decide how much to feed how much fruit and increase greens.

As we form low-growing varieties of tomatoes?

It should be explained that stunted the tomatoes are of several types.

Superstay or superdeterminant (20-30 cm), determinant (up to 50-100 cm), trunk-'gnomes' (to 1 m)

Low-growing varieties of tomatoes – for many people, as usual, it's the tomatoes to about 1 meter in height. People have already become a tradition to call them determinantal varieties. That is, with limited growth point at a certain height. If the tomato is small, room, 20-40 cm in height( 'Florida Petit'), this tomato can not pasynkovat, not forming,not to tie. Its sturdy trunk holds the harvest.

If variety is the trunk or from a line of 'gnomes', then we remove the first 2-3 stepson. Definitely need to tie the main trunk and if trebuetsya further, separate the stalks with a heavy crop. Also edalam old, the first leaves.

Determinantal varieties (sausage, extra-Early, visible-invisible) we remove the first 2-3 stepson. You need to tie the main trunk and, if required in the future, the stalks heavy with harvest. For example, varieties of 'Green sausage' stems are thin, and the harvest is very good. In the end, all the fruits can lie on the ground. We tied all the stems (5-8), put boards under the brush with the fruits, so they are not lying on the mulch. And grade revealed their potential beautiful Bush habit and healthy, beautiful results.

As we shape medium varieties of tomatoes?

Semi-determinant (paludetti) and medium (100-150 cm).

These varieties need shaping depending on the size of the fruit. If the medium variety with large fruits, it is desirable to form 4-5 stems. Excess stepchildren will take the full force, power and podumajut to be not as large as you expect. Example is sorta 'Queen Elizabeth'. The fruit size of 200-400 grams. And Bush height of 100-120 cm In this case, the grade we gave a good harvest in the formation of 4-5 stems. Definitely need to tie the stems.

A little differently we need to do medium varieties, whose fruits are smaller. We remove the first 2-3 stepson, and then how much activitiestable – already suggests the Bush.
For example, the sort of 'Royal branch' has a height of 80-100 cm fruit Weight is 80 grams. Bush we have grown to 6-9 stems. (1 main stem and approximately 6-9 stems of the laterals). The rest of the shoots we have removed, because she did not have time to build fruit. In this case, it is also important to tie each trunk. It is best to build a U-shaped horizontal bar, to which to tie all the stems. The result is a beautiful shrub with good ventilation.

We have firsthand experience of what a neat, low, standard bushes are enough to tie up near the main trunk. Without pinching.

While undersized, but sprawling bushes need to be tied up all powerful stems. There can be up to a dozen. It takes a lot of time and materials. But, what is the result! Gorgeous, lush bushes, which are hanging freely (not lying on the ground) healthy fruit with no diseases.

  • How to create different varieties of tomatoes?