Eggplant "Ping Tung Long"

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip-lock 12-15 SEEDS

1. Original Name: Ping Tung Long.

2. History: An old heirloom variety originating from Ping Tung (Taiwan).

3. Plant Specifications: Early-season. A good choice for growing outdoors and in a greenhouse. Short bush, growing 1.6-2 feet (50-60 cm) tall. Thick stem, large green leaves.

4. Training Instructions: No staking is required but the bush can bend if there are too many fruits.

5. Shape and Weight: Long and smooth snake-like fruits having the diameter of up to 1 inch (3 cm) and being up to 1 foot (30 cm) long. Weight: 5.3-8.8 oz. (150-250 g).

6. Color: Lavender purple. The color becomes more intense when fully ripe. Very beautiful! The flesh is snow-white.

7. Flavor Profile: Incredibly delicious. When cooked, the flesh can melt in your mouth. The fruits are almost sweet with no bitterness at all. The skin is thin.

8. Culinary Use:
An all-purpose eggplant variety being perfect for frying, stewing or canning. If you like eggplants as they are, you can just cut the fruits in half, use some salt and oil, and put some garlic and basil. Then you can bake them in an oven until they become soft. These eggplants are juicy and sweet with no mawkish flavor eggplants have sometimes, so you will love them!

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