Pepper 'Ugandan Red Habanero'

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1. Original title: Ugandan Red Habanero.Can still be called Ugandan red Habanero or Ugandan red habanero.

2. Sharpness on a scale of 'Scoville': 200 000 – 350 000 units Scoville.

3. History: the origin of the species – the Republic of Uganda, state in Vostochnymi that is surrounded by the lake Victoria.

4. Characteristics of plant: Bush is medium, up to 100 cm in height.

5. How to build: do not require formation, nezhelatelno to tie up large stems.

6. The shape and weight of the fruit: the fruits cuboid-oblong, glubokovyemchatye. Weight 20-30 grams! For taragoola pepper is a great weight! The whole village will last one perceni!

7. The peppers color: bright red.

8. Palatability: the taste is first sweet, fragrant, tender fruit. And photomachine sharp!

9. Usage: for fresh consumption, pickling, sauces, drying.

Pepper Ugandan Red Habaneroas a new year tree, plastered with unusual, exotic toys-peppers.Surprised weight. It is very sharp and very large pepper. It does not want to cut,it is desirable to put on a Desk as an artifact, and occasionally glance,admiring the beauty. But anyone who loves hot peppers and is not afraid of 'coal mouth', hotbody long to enjoy this pepper because it is big.

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