Pepper 'Purple Jalapeno'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip-lock 12-15 SEEDS

1. Original title: Purple Jalapeno (Jalapeno Purple, Jalapenos, purple).

2. History:the homeland of origin – Mexico, Xalapa. Mexicans this pepper is also called Cuaresmenos (Karasmanis). The pulp of the fruit for a long time to dry, so they prefer it smoked on hardwood. The sharpness according to the Scoville scale – 2500-8000 units.

3. Characteristics of plant: Jalapeno pepper Purple mid and long fruiting. Suitable for greenhouses and open soil. Sort of short, 50-70 cm

4. How to build: does not need to be tied and side-shoot removing.

5. The shape and weight of the fruit: shape conical. Fruit weight 12-15 grams. The length of the fruit is 5-8 cm

6. Color peppers: in technical maturity fruits are dark purple, inky. As they Mature turn red with black strokes, like embers. Fully ripened red.

7. Taste qualities: the variety of pepper Jalapeno Purple first sweet, juicy, crispy, and then is reflected by a strong spiciness. The aroma of pepper. Wall fleshy, thick, 2-3 mm.

8. Use: for fresh consumption, cooking sauces, pickling.

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