Tomato 'Moonlight Mile'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip lock 12 - 15 SEEDS

1. Original Name: Moonlight Mile.

2. History: Bred by Blane Horton (Galactic Magic Seeds). A cross between Karson’s First (a striped Roma tomato) и Faelans First Snow (a purple flattened and round tomato), both having multicolored variegated leaves. Moonlight Mile was released in 2019.

3. Plant Specifications: Mid-season. A good choice for a greenhouse and outdoors. Medium-size bush, growing up to 3.3-4 feet (100-120 cm) tall. Thin stem, regular leaf. Special attention should be paid to the color of the stems and leaves having white spots and streaks. The transplants are uniquely beautiful! At a later stage, the upper leaves turn green as the bush grows but the bottom part of the bush still comes as a surprise due to its unique color. Even flower stalks are white with thin green stripes. Regular truss, 4-5 fruits per truss.

4. Training Instructions: It can be trained to three or four main stems, and staking and pruning are a must. No excessive pruning is recommended otherwise it may affect the productivity.

5. Shape and Weight: Plum-shaped fruits with elongated pointed tips or round heart-shaped fruits. Weight: 1.8-2.8 oz. (50-80 g).

6. Color: Dark crimson or almost dark red, with dark green stripes. The flesh is dark red with a bloody tint.

7. Flavor Profile: Sweet with a bright and intense flavor. Very tasty. The walls are thick, meaty and buttery, and the flesh resembles that of plums.

8. Culinary Use: A very good choice for eating fresh so that you could enjoy its amazing taste.

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