Tomato 'Lucchese'

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Very large, meaty tomato.

1. Original title: Lucchese. Other sources may be referred to Lucchese or Lucchese.

2. History: this old Italian heirloom from the Lucchese family. The word Lucchese comes from the name of Lucca.

3. Characteristics of plant: ripening period is middle. More suitable for greenhouses. Bush indeterminate, high, 160 cm Trunk is thick, the sheet is simple. Floral brush simple, down to 2-3 large fruit.

4. How to create: large-fruited variety is desirable to form the 1 stem, 2 stems.

5. The shape and weight of the fruit: rounded, with shallow ribs. Weight 400-800 grams. Under good conditions can grow up to 1 kg.

6. Tomatoes color: bright red, by red.

7. Taste qualities: sweet, delicious, the flavor of the tomato. The inside is very meaty, little juice. The pulp of sugar.

8. Usage: for salad, thick tomato ketchup and paste. Stored for several days after collection, cracks in the skin were not.

Tomato cultivar Lucchese gives the big heavyweights that are nice to cut along. One 'meat'! Unique variety for a thick sauce.

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