Tomato 'Gold Medal'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip lock 12 - 15 SEEDS

Characteristics of class gold medal

Tomato cultivar gold medal mid-season. Bushes high, indeterminate, up to 180 cm. a Good crop can be obtained if forming 1 or 2 of the stem with podmazyvanie and remove side shoots. Best grown in greenhouse conditions.

The fruits are large, salad type, 300-500 grams. If you normalize the ovaries in the brush, the fruits grow at 800-900 grams. The color of bi-color. Tehnicheskoi maturity yellow, and when ripe yellow-orange with rosy stains on the top. In the context of a beautiful, yellow with a red core.

The taste is sweet with a harmonious, slight acidity. The aroma is fruity. The flesh is buttery, moderately juicy.

The strain gold medal is used for fresh consumption and processing for the winter in the form of juices and sauces.

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