Tomato 'Dyadya Styopa (Дядя Стёпа)'

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1. Original Name: Дядя Стёпа, or Dyadya Styopa (Uncle Styopa).

2. History: A variety originating from Russia. Developed by Siberian tomato breeders in 2008. The name of this variety refers to the size of the fruits as the variety was named after a kind policeman unusual due to his extreme height, who is the main character of a series of poems entitled Uncle Styopa and written by Soviet children’s poet Sergey Mikhalkov. The variety was entered on the State Register of the Russian Federation in 2012.

3. Plant Specifications: Mid-season. Indeterminate, tall bush, growing up to 6.5 feet (200 cm) tall.

4. Training Instructions: It is recommended to train the bush to two main stems, and staking and pruning are a must.

5. Shape and Weight: Very long pepper-shaped fruits (being up to 0.6 foot (17 cm) long) with barely visible ribs. Weight: 5.3-7 oz. (150-200 g).

6. Color:

7. Flavor Profile: Pleasant and refreshing sweet taste with a tomato flavor. The fruits are very meaty with soft flesh, few seeds and little juice.

8. Culinary Use: A good choice for fresh salads, canning, sun-drying and making thick paste.

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