Tomato 'Blue chocolate'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip lock 12 - 15 SEEDS

Beautiful, decorative and very sweet tomato from Brad gates.

1. Original title: Blue Chocolate. In other sources is called blue Chocolate, Blue chocolate or Blue chocolate.

2. History: created grade breeder brad gates. (Brad Gates, Wild Boar Farms). Released in 20014 year.

3. Characteristics of plant: ripening period is middle. For greenhouses and EXHAUST. High Bush, indeterminate, up to 180 cm, the Trunk is thick, the sheet is simple. Floral brush simple, down to 5-6 fruits.

4. How to generate: you can generate 3-4 stem. Pasynkovat and tie required.

5. The shape and weight of the fruit: form roundish, smooth, smooth. Fruit weight of 70-90 grams.

6. Tomato color: dark brown background is decorated with blue anthocyanin near the petiole. In the context of dark pink.

7. Taste quality: good dospevshy fruits have a very sweet taste and bright aroma with hints of spicy, smoky hue.

8. Usage: for fresh salads and preparations for the winter. Stored well, on the brush hangs for a long time, and after collecting for a long time do not spoil.

Tomato cultivar Blue Chocolate struck capacity growth, an abundance of tassels and tasty fruits. Growing up steadily. Worker.

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