Tomato 'Black Giant'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip lock 12 - 15 SEEDS

1. Original title: Black Giant. Other sources may be referred to as the Black giant.

2. Story:
an old variety, comes from the Baltic region of Europe (the Baltic States).

3. Characteristics of plant: ripening period is middle.For greenhouses and EXHAUST. High Bush, indeterminate, 160-180 cm in height. Stablilty, sheet simple. Floral brush simple, mostly tied 3-5плодов.

4. How to build: a variety of tomato Black Giant, it is desirable to form 1-2 stalks. Pasynkovat and tie required.

5. The shape and weight of the fruit: flat-round shape with shallow ribs poslepoludennoe. Weight 200-300gramm.

6. The color of tomatoes: brown-Burgundy with green 'shoulders' near the petiole.

7. Palatability: the taste is bright, sweet with dopolneniya, the aroma of spicy, smoky. The structure of the flesh is buttery, tender,juicy.

8. Usage: for fresh salads, sauce, juice, paste, ketchup, immiseration.

Beautiful coloring. The green 'crown' or 'hanger' - a sign of the delicacy variety.That is, the variety has a good taste that is praised in many countries as they could coverseal it.

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