Tomato 'Amber Keyes'

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PACKAGING: Zip lock 12 - 15 SEEDS

1. Original Name: Amber Keyes.

2. History: Bred by Blane Horton (Galactic Magic Seeds). A cross between Black Plum and Sweet Beverley. This selection produced the Keyes series offering many similar varieties.

3. Plant Specifications: Mid-season. A good choice for a greenhouse and outdoors. Indeterminate, tall bush, growing up to 6.5 feet (200 cm) tall. Thick stem, regular leaf. A multiflora plant having clusters with a lot of flowers. About 50 fruits per truss.

4. Training Instructions: It is recommended to train the bush to one or two main stems. Staking and pruning are a must.

5. Shape and Weight: Plum-shaped or tear-shaped fruits. Weight: 0.4-0.5 oz. (10-13 g).

6. Color: Amber and green or light green with a tint of yellow.

7. Flavor Profile: Very sweet and juicy, with a fruity flavor.

8. Culinary Use: Perfect for eating fresh as a snack. A good choice for juices and sauces.

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