Tomato 'Red Beauty'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip lock 12 - 15 SEEDS

1. Original Name:
Red Beauty.

2. History: Developed by tomato breeder Brad Gates (USA). A novelty introduced in 2016.

3. Plant Specifications: Mid-season. A good choice for outdoors and a greenhouse. Indeterminate, tall bush, growing up to 6.5 feet (200 cm) tall. Thick stem, regular leaf. Regular truss, 4-6 fruits per truss.

4. Training Instructions: It can be trained to 2-3 main stems, and staking and pruning are a must.

5. Shape and Weight: Beefsteak fruits, sometimes with shallow ribs near the stem end. Weight: 3.5-7 oz. (100-200 g).

6. Color: Splashes of green stripes on the light green background and lilac-colored anthocyanin on the shoulders at the mature-green stage. When fully ripe, the red fruits have blue anthocyanin in the upper part combined with yellow stripes in the bottom part. Red in a cut. Since this is a recent variety, there may be minor deviations in its color. For example, you may grow the fruits with little anthocyanin. Our plants demonstrated their original characteristics as you can see from the photo.

7. Flavor Profile: Sweet and moderately tart. Intense and mild tomato flavor. The flesh is buttery and juicy.

8. Culinary Use: Perfect for fresh salads, sauces, juices and canning.

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