Tomato 'Dwarf Suz's Beauty'

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1. Original title: Dwarf Suz's Beauty (reads "Dwarf Suz Beauty", translates as "Suzie's Beauty"). Also known as Gnome Belle Suzie.

2. History: a variety developed by the Dwarf Tomato Project. From the crossed varieties Dwarf Wild Fred and Beauty King (by Vincent Lavallo), Susan Oliverson's line was selected and named Dwarf Suz's Beauty.

3. Plant characteristics: Dwarf Suz's Beauty mid-season tomato. For open ground and greenhouses. Determinate bush, low, up to 100 cm in height. Stems are thick, leaves are large, wrinkled, simple, regular. The flower cluster is simple, 3-4 fruits are tied.

4. How to shape: does not require pinching, but all the longest stems must be tied up. The plant is bushy.

5. The shape and weight of the fruit: the shape is flat-round, even, with lush "shoulders". Weight 200-300 grams.

6. Tomato color: yellow fruit with thin, graceful red stripes. Inside, the flesh is honey-amber in color with red strokes when ripe well.

7. Taste qualities: tomato variety Gnome Beauty Suz is juicy, sweet with sourness, and with a light fruity aftertaste. The pulp is oily.

8. Usage:
delicious fresh salads, juices, sauces.

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