sweetcorn 'Triple sweetness'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip lock 35-40 SEEDS

1. Original title: Triple sweetness.

2. Characteristics of plant: EARLY. Rasterisers, 150-180 cm

3. How to shape: if you are growing the shoots at the bottom of the stems, then accuratelycalculate, delete. It is advisable to plant 2 seeds into the hole so that the roots were holding each other, and when the wind is strong the corn did not fall.

4. The shape of the ear: the ears are cylindrical, 15-20 cm in length, dovolnoye, not thin (pot-bellied).

5. Colour grains:
yellow, large, broad.

6. Taste quality: excellent, super-sweet Aromatny taste!

7. Usage: for cooking, frying, preserving and freezing. Universal!

Eat boiled and fried. It is a complete, nutritious vegetable (cereal), colorimage in the summer there are every day. The sweetness of the unpredictable is one of the most cloudkickers we had. So would you feel, if now Vandali a bowl with hot boiled corn? Right! Corn many unprecedented. So you need to stock up and freeze for the winter, canning, negotitation in the summer – to be constantly happy!

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