Aubergine 'White Lily'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip-lock 12-15 SEEDS

The eggplant variety 'White Lily' — mid-season ripening. Spreading shrubs, 60-80 cm. long, smooth, shiny, beautiful, pure white. When fully ripe seeds become yellowish.

The fruit weight 200-350 grams. With a good fertilization can grow to 500 grams. The flesh is white. And most importantly – no bitterness!

The use of generic for frying and roasting, grilling.

Us this eggplant liked the fact that the variety is very fruitful. Even when not disrupted young eggplant, then Bush can pull 8-12 large fruit. Compared with conventional blue eggplant while cooking it is not necessary to add salt and wait for drain extra juice with bitterness.

Delicious these eggplant grilled with garlic Basil sauce. If you cut a bit of the core and pologitel boat stuffing, bake in the oven – you can forget about everything. Yummy!

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