Watermelon 'Sweet trio'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip-lock 20 SEEDS

Watermelon 'Sweet three' — the variety change from three varieties of watermelon

Varieties of homemade, old, about 30-40 years. Grow them for a very long time. The ripening mid-ripening and late-ripening.

First grade – the popular 'Spark'. The fruits are small, up to 2 kg Dark green in color, the flesh is red, juicy, very sweet. Seeds small, black.

Class II – large, up to 3-4 kg. the Fruits of light green color with dark green stripes. The flesh is red, very sweet and juicy. Seeds large, black.

Third grade – marble watermelon is light green rind with fine grid green pattern similar to marble. Weight – 2-3 kg. the Flesh is light pink, sweet. Seeds of medium size, lumpy.

In the package You get 30 seeds of watermelon (tortomasi). Seeds can not be divided by color and shape when planting. To sow, when to retreat, with overnight frosts and cold. Like irrigation and soil loosening.

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