Pepper 'Red Brazilian Starfish'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip-lock 12-15 SEEDS

1. Original title: Red Brazilian Starfish.Can still be called red Brazilian Starfish or Red Brazilian marcasite.

2. Sharpness on a scale of 'Scoville': 5 000 – 30 000 units Scoville.

3. History: origin – Peru, but domesticated and cultivated in Brazil.

4. Characteristics of plant: shrub pepper Red Brazilian Starfish high! 100-150 cm in height. The stems are long,thin.

5. How to form: have to tie up a large,long stems.

6. The shape and weight of the fruit: the fruit is bell-shaped, flat-round, nanographite similar to starfish. The walls are not thin, that is machtigsten! Weight 25 grams.

7. The peppers color: bright red.

8. Palatability: the taste is very sweet at first...And aromaplasty, easy, someone reminds Apple. For us just fruit. Andthen begins to warm, well warm! But for many would be an acceptable postrate.

9. Usage: for fresh consumption, sauces, tinctures, drying. Peppers medlennyh stalks as earrings. You can link them and hang in the kitchen macukraine and seasoning to the dishes.

We loved this pepper. First, the fruit is bad began while Bush was nearestis green mass and then gave off a rich harvest, of which dagelan be collected. Very tasty and beautiful!

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