Pepper ' Goldball'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip-lock 12-15 SEEDS

1. Original title: Goldball. It reads like Goldball, it translates as Golden ball, Golden ball.

2. History: represented in the German nursery Deaflora (Andrea Helmich, Glindo, Werder region, Germany).

3. Plant characteristic: early Goldball pepper! Grown in the open field and in greenhouses. Ideal for growing in large pots on the windowsill, balcony, veranda. The bush is undersized, branched, spreading. 50 cm high. The leaves are small, pointed, dark green.

4. How to form: in the open field with additional fertilizing, rather spreading plants grow, and some stems need to be tied up. You don't need to tie up in pots.

5. Shape and weight of the fruit: the shape is round, even, smooth, like a ball. Fruit weight 3-5 grams.

6. Pepper color: in technical ripeness, fruits are dark green, ripe bright orange, golden.

7. Taste: Goldball pepper is very sweet, aromatic, crunchy.

8. Usage: an interesting mini pepper for decorating a room, grows like an indoor flower. But it can also be used for stuffing (it is better to clean the seeds by cutting the fruit in half). For whole-fruit canning of tomatoes, it is convenient to add this pepper to the jars whole to improve the taste.

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