Pepper "Ausilio Thin Skin"

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1. Original title: Ausilio Thin Skin (read Ausilio Tin Skin, Ausilio thin-skinned).

2. History: An Italian heirloom that the Giovanni "John" Ausilio and Rachel P. Scarcello family brought to the United States in the early 1900s. Their children still grow this variety. The seeds were donated by the Seed Savers Exchange in 2015.

3. Plant characteristic: Ausilio Thin Skin pepper is mid-season. Suitable for greenhouses and open ground. The variety is undersized, reaches a height of 50-70 cm.

4. How to shape: it is advisable to tie up the longest stems so that they do not break off under the weight of the fruit.

5. The shape and weight of the fruit: the shape is cuboid-conical with deep and frequent ribs (ribbed). The walls are thin, but juicy. Weight 60-80 grams.

6. Pepper color: bright red.

7. Taste: Ausilio Thin Skin has a pleasant, hardy taste with moderate to strong pungency, depending on the climate and farming technique. Usually the flesh is slightly pungent, while the inner septa and flesh closer to the seeds are pungent. The aroma is strong, peppery.

8. Usage: perfect pepper for frying in a pan, for grilling, pickling, baking, stuffing, hot paprika.

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