Tomato 'Sprite'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip lock 12 - 15 SEEDS

1. Original name: Sprite. Other sources name the Elf.

2. History: not known. If you have information about this variety, please share in the comments below. This variety is not a hybrid.

3. Characteristics plant: time of ripening mid-ripening and long fruiting. Best grown outdoors as a shrub low-growing, determinate, up to 100 cm Stems slender, internodes long, leaves are simple, slightly rounded (closer to potato), have a peculiar smell (not tomato).

4. How to form: a sort of Sprite can shape, that is, not to remove the suckers. But he will be very grateful if each thin, flexible stem to tie a rope to a horizontal bar (P). After all, these fishnet twigs are piled gorgeous, rich, long and complex brush with fruit-cherry 10-20 pieces.

5. The shape and weight of the fruit: shape fruit of the date palm (Date) – oblong cherry, bullets. Weight 10 grams.

6. Tomato color: dark red, and in the context of slightly lighter pink.

7. Taste qualities: very sweet, I want water to drink. Aroma fruity, full-bodied. The wall of dense, crunchy. Very tasty!

8. Usage: for fresh consumption, decoration of dishes unusually tasty sauce and selenoprotein conservation. You can collect the fruit as whole clusters. Stored for a long time, up to a week.

Grade Sprite showed stable and filled with the sweet harvest. He is unusual in that he had the smell of black currant leaves. There are varieties with currant flavor leaves. But I'm reminded of men's spirits! When a long tie, the smell of tomatoes becomes unbearable. But this was making a noble aroma. A unique variety.

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