Tomato 'Primary colors'

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In one tomato beauty, sweetness and usefulness. Unique!

1. Original title: Primary Colors. Also called Primary color and primary colors.

2. History: This variety has created a well-known selections Tom Wagner (Everett, WA, USA). Released through New World Seeds & Tubers in 2012.
First offered in the SSE 2012 al Anderson of Troy, Ohio, who received seed from Tom Wagner in 2011.

3. Characteristic plants: Tomato grade Primary Colors the mid. Suitable for cultivation in greenhouse and open field. But beautiful fruits are in the sun.
Bushes tall, indeterminate, up to 180 centimeters. Stems are strong, the leaf is simple. Floral brush single and double (intermediate) -heavy. The brush can be 5-8 uniform fruit.

4. How to form: to Form in 2-3 in 3 barrel. Remove side shoots and garter mandatory. The first brush with the fruit may also need to tie in order to avoid refraction of the brush. Variety is very fruitful!

5. The shape and weight of the fruit: flat-round, uniform, no faces. Weight 80-100 grams.

6. The color of tomatoes: the Primary fruit colour is amber. Near the petiole in the presence of sunlight appears lilac colour, which when ripe becomes black. And goes to a yellow black and brown stripes. An amazing sight! In the context of the flesh is light yellow with an even lighter gel in the seed chambers.

7. Taste qualities: sweet with harmonious acidity. The aroma is bright, fruity, spicy notes. Very tasty! The structure of the flesh is buttery, sweet, melting, very juicy.

8. Usage: can be various - from fresh consumption to the preparations for the winter. A beautiful variety for decorating. The fruits after harvest can be stored for a few days disrupted (3-5 days)

Grade Primary Colors has shown itself consistently. Maximum anthocyanin and the fruit small. Other suppliers of seed of this variety can be the fruits are smaller and not so highly colored with anthocyan. A lot of the values gives the sunlight, which produced a substance of anthocyanin.

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