Tomato 'Jersey giant'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip lock 12 - 15 SEEDS

1. Original title: Jersey Giant. The same may be referred to as Jersey giant or Jersey Giant.

2. History: descended from the old commercial varieties of Jersey Devil. The same was very important in the tomato industry in new Jersey (USA). This variety is similar to the Jersey Devil, only larger.

3. Characteristic plants: ripening srelatively. Grows well in the greenhouse and EXHAUST. Bush indeterminate, tall, 170-180 cm, the Trunk is thick, the sheet is a simple, drooping. Cvetochka paintbrush is a simple, down to 5-6 fruits.

4. How to build: a variety Jersey Giant better shape 2-3 stems. Pasynkovat and tie required.

5. The shape and weight of the fruits: in the form symol, long, acute or obtuse end. Fetal weight up to 200 grams.

6. The color of tomato: red outside and inside.

7. Taste qualities: tender, sweet taste. The flavor of the tomato. The structure of the pulp sand, dense, juice and seeds a little.

8. Usage: a unique variety for selenoprotein preservation, salad, slicing, curing, drying and freezing. As well thick paste and sauce.

Variety Jersey Giant stable and frequently used in cooking as a versatile tomato.

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