Tomato 'Indigo Blue Berries'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip lock 12 - 15 SEEDS

Very black cherry, sweet and helpful. New.

1. Original title: Blue Berries. Other names - AKA Indigo Blue Berries, Indigo blue burst, Indigo Blue Berries, Indigo Blueberries, blueberry. We recommend you to call Indigo Blue Berries (Indigo blue Berries).

2. Story: new from breeder Brad gates (Brad Gates, Wild Boar Farms, California, USA).

3. Characteristics of plant: ripening period is middle. For greenhouses and EXHAUST. High Bush, indeterminate, up to 180 cm, the Trunk is thick, flexible sheet simple. Floral brush simple. Tied 6-7 fruits.

4. How to generate: you can generate 2, 3 or 4 of the stem. Pasynkovat and tie required.

5. The shape and weight of the fruit: form roundish, weighing 8-10 grams.

6. The color of the tomatoes: are very beautiful, anthocyanin cherry. In the technical maturity of purple, bright. When fully ripe and with good solar lighting become black. In the context of dark crimson.

7. Taste qualities: very sweet, tasty and unusual. Aroma with bright, fruity notes. The structure of the pulp is juicy, plum, buttery.

8. Usage: for fresh salads and for canning. Indispensable for decorating. Stored fruit well, a few days after collection. The skin is not cracked.

Grade Indigo Blue Berries – new, i.e. not very stable. Occasionally there may be changes, for example, the absence of anthocyanin (blue). Or grow the fruits on the correct coloration, but larger. We have several bushes was one that did not correspond to the original feature.

With him the seeds we collected. The photo shows the Indigo Blue Berries, which you get the seeds. I hope that he will continue his intensive black color.

If You want to collect seeds from their harvest Indigo Blue Berries, from the bushes that match the original.

So you will continue to stabilize, which is good for tomato variety. If You like exotic (and anthocyanins, besides, are very good for health) it is necessary not only to give the advantage to the stable relics, but also to try to grow tomatoes that need to stabilize.

It's fun and exciting. In any case, all the tomatoes edible.

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