Tomato 'Atomic Sunset'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip lock 12 - 15 SEEDS

1. Original Name: Atomic Sunset.

2. History: A variety from the USA. Developed by well-known tomato breeder Brad Gates at Wild Boar Farms (California, USA). It is a cross between Brad’s Atomic Grape and Orange Roma.

3. Plant Specifications: Mid-season. A good choice for growing outdoors and in a greenhouse. Semi-determinate medium-size bush. The bush can grow 1.6-3.2 feet (50-100 cm) tall when growing outdoors. The bushes can be taller when growing in a greenhouse. This is a recent variety so the height of its bushes is not stable. Thin climbing stems with a great number of clusters. There are 5-7 fruits per truss. The plant may have double trusses with a lot of fruits.

4. Training Instructions: No training is required. However, it is necessary to tie all of the longest stems as this variety is quite prolific and the fruits can break the stems.

5. Shape and Weight: Elongated and smooth plum-shaped (Roma) fruits. Weight: 0.7-1 oz. (20-30 g).

6. Color: Lemon yellow fruits decorated with barely visible light stripes. They have a blue and brown anthocyanin coating near the stem end under bright light. Light yellow in a cut.

7. Flavor Profile: These fruits may seem to be not so tasty at first. It means they are not fully ripe. As a matter of interest, these fruits become more delicious and gain a more intense taste the longer they stay on the bush. The fruits are firm, and the walls are think but not soft. The flesh is quite juicy. Just some of the fruits may crack when the plants get too much water too fast. The fully ripened fruits have a pleasant sweet taste with a slightly fruity flavor.

8. Culinary Use: The fruits may stay on the bushes for over a week without being spoiled. They also keep well for a long time after harvesting. A good choice for fresh salads and side dishes. Perfect for home gardens. Good for canning as well.

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