Cucumber 'Isadora'

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Cucumber Aysidora

1. Original title: Aysidora, conventional name. Will onepackage You when to plant cucumbers. In the old days people used folk weather signs. One of them says that if may 27 – Desidera-borage Sunny and warm, and the summer will be a cucumber, good nauroji cucumbers. Then sowed. If it was cloudy and cool, then wait until Thalaleas (June 2) or Leontius (June 5).

But the word Aysidora of 'ice', englishswedish 'ice' - and to spell 'ice', which translated is ice! Do you know why visitore is 'ice'? Because the tips of the cucumbers are pale, whitish. Cucumber with ice, white tip. So remember this old cucumber – sevelim tip, and sow cucumbers, focusing on Sidor-borage.

2. History: the origin is revived in the Ukrainian village Kytchenkivka,Kharkiv region. According to my grandmother Nina (Nina Bystrova), she grows aocheng very long time ago. Grade from the Soviet era. And many of our customers are happy that once in their family were the cucumbers, but hatched. And now they have found their Unas. Cucumbers with a light tip.

3. Characteristics of plant: ripening period is middle. Bush are vigorous,can be grown both on the ground and to put on the mesh, or trellis, 'vig-to you.'

4. How to build: does not require formation.

5. The shape and weight of the fruit: shape cylindrical, flat, 10-15 cm in length. Weight 100-200 grams, zavisimostiot collection period.

6. Cucumber color: green with light tip, will catalogimages even move the light strips to the middle of the cucumber. Spikes are rare.

7. Palatability: the taste is pleasant, the aroma is bright, makoterty, juicy, no voids.

8. Usage: universal. That's why valued attart. For fresh salads, preserving, pickling.

This cucumber was a hit in 2017. Hope annagem liked and is always popular.

Cucumber seeds are fresh, therefore, before sowing in 2-3weeks warm near the battery on the vine there were more female flowers. Every time I save cucumber seeds for next year, to age – SARSAT!

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