Basil mix "Lemon and Cinnamon"

  • Basil mix "Lemon and Cinnamon"
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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip-lock 20 SEEDS

1. Original name:
2 varieties of basil with the names Lemon and Cinnamon are presented. In one package, you get a mixture of these two varieties.

2. History: Basil Cinnamon is a well-known popular variety. Its seeds were delivered to Space by the space shuttle Endeavor in 2007 for experimental cultivation in low Earth orbit on the International Space Station. Lemon basil has a wonderful, refreshing, citrusy aroma.

3. Characteristics of the plant: both plants are of mid-season maturity. If sowing in a greenhouse is carried out in the second half of April, for example, then you can collect the leaves in July. Plants are undersized, up to 50-70 cm in height. Bushy, multi-stemmed. Cinnamon basil has purple stems and flowers, leaves are dark green, serrated, with a slight anthocyanin dusting. Lemon basil has green stems and leaves and white flowers.

4. How to form: when the seedlings are planted in open ground and grows a little (12-15 leaves), then the crown must be pinched. This will add lateral stems to the plant, which will increase the mass of the leaves. When peduncles appear, it is also advisable to pinch them. Only as a last resort, if you want to get seeds, then the peduncles are left.

5. Leaf shape: Basil Cinnamon - narrowish leaves with sparse denticles. Basil Lemon - the leaves are larger and also with sparse cloves.

6. Color of leaves: Cinnamon - leaves are dark green with anthocyanin dusting, purple veins. Lemon - light green.

7. Taste: Cinnamon basil has a sweet, aromatic aroma reminiscent of cinnamon. Basil Lemon has a citrusy, lemon balm, refreshing aroma.

8. Usage: for fresh consumption, winter harvesting. Basil is such a versatile plant that it can be used in any dish!
An irreplaceable seasoning for meat and fish, for borscht and soups. Baked eggplant boats, oiled, sprinkled with chopped garlic and basil are a masterpiece! Any tomato salad will become real if you add basil to it.

Preservation gives a wonderful aroma. It is also added to confectionery and beverages. Delicious tea with basil leaves, especially compotes! Once our client told us that he closes several dozen three-liter cans of basil compote for the winter - everyone drinks!
Basil has also long been a medicinal plant for many diseases, for example, by chewing a few basil leaves, you cleanse the oral cavity of germs, treat gums from bleeding, and teeth from periodontal disease. Oh how!

Basil is dried and frozen for the winter. Frozen basil leaves, by the way, are much more aromatic in borscht than dried ones. Basil and flax seeds are added to kefir and yogurt for a healthy diet.

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