Pepper 'Aji Omnicolor'

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PACKAGING: Sachet Zip-lock 12-15 SEEDS

1. Original name: Aji Omnicolor.Or Aji OmniColor.

2. Sharpness on a scale of 'Scoville': 30 000 – 50 000 units Scoville.

3. History: origin – Peru.

4. Characteristics of plant: a shrub of pepper Aji Omnicolor medium,80 see wysota. Very lush, well-foliated. Can take wide 1 kvadratnye.

5. As to form: pepper aji OmniColor do not form,garters is not required. Sustainable.

6. The shape and weight of the fruit: the fruit-peppercorn cone-shaped,long, narrow, with a sharp tip, 4-6 grams.

7. Color peppers: on the Bush at the same time grow white, yellow, orange and craneparts. Red is fully ripe. Often manifested anthocyanin lilovyy blue color of the fruit, with enough sun. Very beautiful, raznocvetnye.

8. Palatability: the taste is sweet, then spicy. Aromatherapy, bright. The flesh is dense, the walls are thick, crispy.

9. Usage: ideal pepper for drying, because negotate wall. Very tasty fresh. To complement the hot dishes.Cooking sauces, liqueurs.

Hot pepper Aji Omnicolor we were struck by their different colored fruits and dense,fleshy structure of the pulp.

Decorative to decorate the local area,backyard. The same can be grown in large pots and tubs, Svetlichnyi, balconies, verandas.

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